High-res LED display rumoured for iPad Mini 2

High-res LED display rumoured for iPad Mini 2It has been a little over three months since the iPad Mini hit the market and once again proved that Apple is very good at making mainstream gadgets.

However, as successful as the iPad Mini has been, it was not without its critics when it first appeared in the media.

The main complaint levelled against it was that Apple had chosen a lower resolution, last generation LED display for the iPad Mini, rather than equipping it with a Retina Display, as found on the full sized iPad and its iPhone 5 handset.

With a 1024x768 pixel count, the iPad Mini's screen is not exactly a blurry mess, but it does look a bit blocky when compared with its contemporaries.

Even other seven inch tablets like the Nexus 7 from Google have higher resolutions, which means Apple's tablet was outdated even before it went on sale.

The good news is that current rumours suggest that a brand new LED display will be gracing the follow-up to the iPad Mini when it arrives later in 2013.

T3 reports that there are at least two manufacturers currently in talks with Apple over the iPad Mini 2's screen.

Ultimately, the iPad Mini 2 might come with an Au Optronics display, packing a 324ppi (pixels per inch) rating, or an alternative from LG, which is classed as offering at least 400ppi.

This would allow the iPad Mini to trump its current rivals and even match high end smartphones like the HTC One, which has recently shown just how far clarity can be pushed on portable devices.

The use of LED technology within both displays seems certain to continue, because this provides the kind of brightness and energy efficiency which are necessary for top draw tablet screen performance.

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