High definition LED displays fitted in US stadium

High definition LED displays fitted in US stadiumThe Gillette Stadium, home to the New England Patriots, is to benefit from two new LED boards which will be able to display high definition video content, according to owner Kraft.

Work on installing the huge LED displays has already begun and they will not only show replays and information, but will also showcase adverts and keep spectators up to date with the latest scores, thus acting as multitasking display solutions.

The Gillette Stadium is only eight years old, but a spokesperson for Kraft said that less than a decade ago this type of LED board was not available, with recent developments allowing for the technology to revolutionise the experience of live sports for millions around the world.

Kraft said that the HD resolution and the vividness of the colour rendering had been key in its selection of the two substantial LED boards. It hopes that they will be ready for August and the run up to the new American Football season.

The largest LED board is nearly 42 feet high and 164 feet wide, which gives it an impressive widescreen aspect ratio that is perfect for viewing the high definition content being shot live on the pitch. Kraft says that this screen is the equivalent size of 1700 standard 37 inch high definition TV sets. The impact within the stadium environment should be significant.

Daktronics was commissioned to create these LED boards and whilst the construction is ongoing, Kraft has mocked up an image depicting how it believes the finished product will appear.

LED boards are integral to many sports and stadia across the globe and with the rapid advances in LED technology, these displays are becoming ever more versatile and impressive, with new features and functions appearing every year.

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