Harrods uses LED displays for advertising

Harrods uses LED displays for advertisingHarrods is arguably the best known department store on the planet, but it is now hoping to draw in more customers by advertising its products and services via LED displays.

Several LEdscreens are going to be arranged around Harrods, with some occupying external window space so that people on street level can see the content that is being shown.

Thousands of people visit Harrods every single day and so these LED displays are going to be responsible for engaging a considerable number of pedestrians.

Thankfully, the company controlling the screens has experience running digital signage campaigns for other major names, such as Swarovski, the crystal company. This should allow it to apply its expertise and represent Harrods in an appropriate and interesting way.

The LED displays will be capable of showcasing full motion video in colour, although it is as yet unclear as to whether this will be accompanied by a simultaneous audio feed or not.

The size and number of LED displays has also yet to be confirmed, as the project is only just in the offing, but it is not difficult to guess at the arrangement that might be reached.

Previous in-store campaigns have involved using two adjacent LED displays put together in a portrait orientation. This creates a large display area, allowing the screens to share the job of displaying content.

Until further details are released it is difficult to predict precisely what Harrods will want to be broadcast via the LED displays. However, given the high society leanings of the store, it is likely to be classy enough to engage with its typically refined kind of clientele.

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