Growth in use of LEDs for traffic signage continues

Growth in use of LEDs for traffic signage continuesGovernments and local councils around the world are continuing to invest in LED systems to help direct traffic and to pass on information to travellers, according to the latest figures.

Funding is being allocated to solid state lighting (SSL) which takes advantage of LED technology to provide brighter, safer and more efficient signalling for motorists and pedestrians, particularly in the US.

In the capital city of India, the cost of powering the standard electric signalling technology is close to �400,000 and by switching to LED systems the local government hopes to reduce this spend by nearly �160,000.

The transition to LED systems is facilitated by many different environmental initiatives and funds designed to increase energy efficiency and to reduce costs for the public sector.

Another reason for the increasing uptake of LED technology in signage and signalling is the fact that it can offer considerably longer life spans over traditional alternatives, with some firms willing to rate their products with a guarantee of 25 years. Not all manufacturers are able to commit to such a long period of after-sales support, but even without a guarantee, most authorities expect to see LED systems outlasting anything that was previously available.

In some areas, the introduction of LED technology can result in impressive cost reduction, with one city in Nebraska stating that it expects to spend roughly 50 per cent of its current electricity budget once LED systems for signalling and street lighting are up and running.

LEDs are being integrated in projects of all scales and in many areas around the world. The fact that LED systems are not only cheaper and easier to maintain than the outgoing technology is often secondary in the minds of the local inhabitants to the fact that they are also far safer, offering brighter solutions, even in adverse environments.

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