GM HQ revamped with LED displays

GM HQ revamped with LED displaysThe headquarters of General Motors at Detroit in the US have been given a new lease of life, thanks to innovative LED displays designed and installed by YESCO.

GM is housed within the Renaissance Centre and, in years gone by, the five peaks of this building were adorned with fixed logos promoting the company.

However, these have now been stripped down and replaced with LED displays, which can be remotely controlled in order to deliver full motion, colourful content to anyone in the surrounding area.

YESCO's Jim Steffin explained that the displays will be used to run a number of campaigns over the course of each year, with seasonal content being showcased when appropriate and various causes and sporting events also getting their own allocation of screen time.

The LED displays were installed over the past few months and sit around 900 feet in the air, which puts them in a good position to reach as wide an audience as possible. GM's Jack Morton praised the workers who installed the displays in the depths of a bitter winter in Michigan.

YESCO's Nick Priest, said that there were significant logistical problems which needed to be overcome in installing the LED displays because of their location on the building and the complexity of the technology involved.

GM's Joel Ewanick said that the new LED displays would not only help to promote the GM brand, but would also be central to the Detroit community, supporting local projects and driving innovation in the city.

Detroit has become perceived as a city in which poverty is rife and the ailing motor industry has contributed to economic collapse, but GM is hoping that its newly revamped, LED-bedecked headquarters will help to alter this image across the US and the rest of the world.

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