Glasgow harnesses LED displays for Youth Olympic bid

Glasgow harnesses LED displays for Youth Olympic bidGlasgow in Scotland is looking to play host to the Youth Olympics in 2018 but it needs to secure official backing before it is able to go ahead with the preparations.

In order to alert people to the current bidding process, which is ongoing, the local council is set to use two large scale LED displays based on Glasgow Green, each of which will make a bold statement of intent and also entertain the crowds this month.

Each LED display is going to measure 100 square metres and feature a total of 3,600 individual LED tile modules.

The LED displays will be used in conjunction with social networking services and smartphone apps, to create an impressive and undeniably artistic installation.

People will be able to submit pictures and messages via Instagram and Twitter, respectively, using the #backourbid hashtag that those in charge of Glasgow's 2018 Youth Olympic hopes have created for the occasion.

The LED displays will be up and running for some time and it is designed to gradually create a mosaic from the submitted messages and images, to build up a bigger picture of what the city will be attempting to achieve in 2018.

There are four rival cities also going up for the chance to host the games and Glasgow submitted its bid last month and now hopes to prove its worth in the eyes of the International Olympic Committee.

Glasgow will be told whether or not it has made the shortlist next February, so local leaders are looking to drum up support from the public, in order to give the city the best possible chance of hosting the games in six year's time, according to the STV news site.

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