Generation Z Like In-Store Shopping

Retailers may feel as though much of the younger generation prefers to buy items online, but new research has revealed that many in Generation Z actually like shopping in store, but make purchases online out of convenience.

Marketing Dive shared research from Criteo, which noted that 80 per cent of people in this age group said that they enjoy shopping in-store when they have time. In addition, 65 per cent said that they prefer to be able to feel and touch the items they’re thinking of buying.

However, 75 per cent said that it’s convenience that drives them to ecommerce. So, what can stores do to attract this generation and hopefully make a sale?

Among the top things that attract those in Generation Z into a retail outlet are “store design, unique merchandise, displays showing products in use and having ways to try out products”, the report noted.

This means retailers may benefit from investing in custom LED displays to help differentiate their products from the crowd, and to make the shopping experience more appealing to those in this age group.

Given that many in this generation also revealed that they use their mobile phones to research products online while in a physical shop, retailers should consider how they can best serve this desire for additional information or even comparison of products. Interactive digital displays could be one option worth considering.

Research highlighted by Retail Sector earlier this year noted that eight in ten consumers have entered a store because of a digital sign that caught their eye, showing just how powerful this medium can be.

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