Former president announces LED-light drive

Former president announces LED-light driveBill Clinton has pledged his support of proposals that will see the installation of 140,000 LED lights in a US city, Sustainable Business News reports.

The former president recently announced that Los Angeles is set to replace many of its streetlights with the innovative bulbs, a move which will save the city money.

Clinton explained that the LED lights need less power to run and last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.

The lights will also have positive effects on the environment, as the amount of carbon emissions created by the city is estimated to fall by 197,000 tonnes, following implementation of the LEDs.

In addition, light quality of the bulbs will have a positive impact on the night sky, Clinton told the publication.

"If every city followed the example of Los Angeles and reduced the electricity used by their streetlights by 50 per cent, we would also reclaim our night sky," he said.

Meanwhile, Pittsburgh city officials recently released plans to replace incandescent streetlights with LED bulbs.

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