Flexible 112 inch LED display wall launched

Flexible 112 inch LED display wall launchedAn LED display which is not only large enough for commercial use but also flexible enough to be wrapped around a pillar, has been launched in the US by PSCo and manufacturer NanoLumens.

The display measures 112 inches across the diagonal and it is only six millimetres thick which allows it to flex and bend like none of its predecessors could hope to achieve.

It will be able to hug tight to curved surfaces, whether concave or convex, which means it will be able to be mounted in virtually any space where previous technology could not possibly be installed.

The whole 112 inch display weighs in at 41 kilograms, which makes it affordable and energy efficient to transport to venues, as well as easy to erect without relying on huge scaffolds or girders once it has reached its destination.

NanoLumens has made sure that the LED display can really live up to its claims of flexibility and the maximum radius for the screen when curved is 48 inches. Like all LED displays it will consume energy efficiently and with minimal waste through heat, while its rugged design will allow it to operate both indoors and out for added versatility.

PSCo's Stuart Homes, said that his firm was excited by the potential of this new LED display technology. He said that the flexible nature of the screen would even allow it to be attached to a surface which curves inwards and outwards in a wave formation, making it great for use in conference stands and marketing setups which need to stand out from the crowd.

The LED display can support a number of graphics as well as playback for full motion video and it is ready to plug into existing digital signage setups to minimise the learning curve for users.

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