Flashing LED lights for rail crossing

Flashing LED lights for rail crossingLEDs are being used to help improve transport safety in the US, according to a source.

Five of New Richmond's Wisconsin Central railroad crossings will be fitted with the illuminations by 2011, the New Richmond News reports.

The source states this is because it is sometimes difficult for motorists to see trains approaching.

As a way of combating this, flashing lights and signs will be put in place to help "ensure public safety".

The decision comes after an investigation was handed to the state Officer of the Commissioner of Railroads..

Meanwhile, LEDs are being put to a different use in Florida ahead of this weekend's Super Bowl clash between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals.

Visitors to Tampa's Raymond James stadium before the big kick off will see the outside of the arena illuminated by LEDs which have been mounted to the back 30 rows of the venue.

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