First full HD LED Displays for video walls launched by NEC

First full HD LED Displays for video walls launched by NECElectronics manufacturer NEC has announced that it will be launching a new range of LED displays designed for use in video walls, which will be the first of their kind to support full HD content with their native resolutions.

Starting at some point in the spring the new LED displays will be available with the all-important resolution of 1920x1080, providing crystal-clear video on a large scale in cleverly arranged arrays.

The displays will use LCD panel technology in conjunction with LED backlighting, to make sure that they are energy efficient and eminently slim, enabling a greater diversity in terms of where they can be installed.

The image transitions of only 5.7 millimetres will make sure that the content displayed in full HD looks better than ever before.

The display uses full LED backlighting rather than the less comprehensive edge-lit solutions which some other screens harness. This means there will be a consistent, even level of brightness across the entire area of each LED display.

Brightness is particularly important in signage as ambient lighting may be strong enough to dampen the effect of lesser displays and make it difficult for visitors to fully engage with the content. By providing 700 cd per square metre, these new LED displays from NEC will not suffer similar issues, no matter where they are installed.

NEC spokesperson, Thorsten Prsybyl, said that the main influence on the creation of these LED displays was the comments made by customers in the signage industry and the requirements which they had going forward.

NEC is planning to produce a range of bespoke mounting solutions for these full HD LED displays so that display walls can be easily erected and installed, whether they are required temporarily or on a more permanent basis.

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