Evolving Digital Signage Presents Opportunities

There are a host of opportunities for retailers and other businesses to better target customers using digital signage.

This is especially the case given that the technology behind LED displays has evolved considerably in recent years, and if you opt for bespoke LED displays you have a range of possibilities open to you.

Writing for Retail Sector, Joe Rabah, managing director for EMEA RMG Networks, pointed out that consumers are increasingly engaging with this kind of advertising, making it much more effective than traditional methods.

He cited research showing that eight out of ten consumers have gone into a store because a digital sign caught their attention - on high streets where stores are clamouring for attention, that’s an impressive statistic.

The range of signage options available is also making this a much more dynamic space, Mr Rabah noted. “There is a plethora of new signage technology designed to interact with audiences in a more engaging and immersive manner,” he explained. This includes curved LED screens, holograms and glasses-free 3D screens.

Not only are they interesting, but these new technologies are versatile and can be adapted to suit most spaces or businesses.

It isn’t only individual shops that could benefit from adopting this new technology either. One expert recently suggested that shopping centres should be looking at how they can introduce LED screens and other interactive digital features to improve the experience for shoppers.

This technology can have practical applications, such as assisting with wayfinding, as well as introducing fun and interactive elements like social media feeds and games.

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