Estate Agent takes advantage of LED displays

Estate Agent takes advantage of LED displaysAn estate agent in the Leicestershire region of Harborough has recently refurbished one of its offices and integrated a number of LED displays into the front window in order to advertise the properties that it currently has on offer.

Traditionally, most estate agents have relied on static window displays to hawk their wares, but this high tech approach taken by Henderson Connellan, means that they can create ads that are much more eye catching.

The Harborough Mail reports that the agency has seen a marked increase in business over recent months, thanks largely to the recent renovation and the expansion of its sales team.

It is even having trouble keeping up with the demand for properties in the area, which shows that there is a vibrant market of which it can take advantage.

LED displays can be used in a variety of businesses and store front signage is an increasingly popular option, since it is both flexible and able to better appeal to potential customers.

Because LED displays and systems are energy efficient as well as relatively affordable, they need not be a financial burden on businesses and low costs for repair and maintenance make them doubly attractive in the long term.

The internet may have altered the way that the real estate industry operates to a certain degree, but there is still significant value to be gleaned from store front advertising, for agencies with a presence on the high street.

Window shopping for properties is something many people do and there will often be casual passersby who end up getting their interest piqued by an ad in an estate agent's window, which makes these LED displays all the more important in the arsenal of techniques used to snare buyers and renters quickly.

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