Enthusiast develops LED display manipulated by iPad

Enthusiast develops LED display manipulated by iPadEnterprising home improver, Greg Friedland, has created an interesting synthesis between a large LED display and the Apple iPad, combining the two, so that you can enjoy a light show which can be controlled from the comfort of your sofa.

Mr Friedland harnessed an Auroa LED wall panel, measuring four feet across by eight feet high and integrating a total of 544 individual LEDs into a network, which allows for millions of different hues to be reproduced, according to PC Advisor.

The iPad is integrated into the mix, thanks to an app called TouchOSC. This lets you manage many different elements and properties of the LED screen, such as the type of pattern which is on display and the size or colour of it.

Interacting with the display using your finger, means that you can have a real time impact on what is being shown, making it a real talking point.

Mr Friedland has set up the LED screen so that it can operate in time with music which is being played and like any good visual output, it will adjust to fit the type of tune which is currently fed through it.

It is possible to pick up the Aurora LED display and add it to a home or workplace, although Mr Friedland's setup is not exactly stock and will require a bit of skill and customisation knowhow to get it up and running.

This kind of arrangement is sure to appeal to both consumers and those who want to make their business stand out, so we could end up seeing a lot more LED displays which can be manipulated via an iPad. Hopefully, there will be an alternative solution for those who have opted for an Android or a BlackBerry tablet.

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