Empire State Building LED light show launched

Empire State Building LED light show launchedA glitzy event was held to herald the arrival of one of New York's latest attractions - an LED display mounted on the crown of the Empire State Building which can be seen from miles around.

The unveiling of the LED display's capabilities was carried out in conjunction with pop star, Alicia Keys, who also had two of her songs played in synch with the display.

The LED display is very advanced, capable of showcasing over 16 million colours and also programmed with a number of impressive effects, that allow it to host some engaging original content.

In the past, the Empire State Building has had spotlights mounted close to its pinnacle, although of course, these lighting solutions offered a very limited set of functions, unlike the new LED display.

Earlier this month there was much coverage of the fact that the Empire State Building was used to broadcast a real time visualisation of how the US presidential election results were progressing, but now this LED display is taking things to a new level entirely.

Keys spoke out about the new installation, stating that it represented a symbol of what can be achieved in the city of New York. She said that her heritage within the city made here very proud to be involved with this inspirational new piece of work.

It will be interesting to see how this prominent LED display develops over the coming years, because it is now a fixture on what is arguably one of the most famous buildings in the world.

There is plenty of potential and it could become an integral part of future events held in New York, although its reach is likely to be global, given the prominence of its position and the endorsement of celebrities.

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