Digital signs display weather reports

Digital signs display weather reportsWeather announcements are being displayed on digital signs to help boost advertising revenue.

Dynasign recently announced that it is teaming up with AccuWeather in order to beam more varied information from its LED-based displays, Digital Signage Today reports.

Digital signs have become a popular mechanism for advertising products and AccuWeather states that supplying varied information to shoppers via the digital boards will further attract consumers' attention.

Now Dynasign customers will receive weather updates on their LED-based screens, in addition to sports and entertainment news.

Scott Homan, director of digital signage at AccuWeather, explained that the extra content is likely to raise the profile of the displays.

"Weather is relevant and dynamic information that repeatedly draws attention to screens," he told the publication.

"Our content, coupled with Dynasign's platform, will provide a delivery system that will ensure maximum value for their clients."

In other news, car dealer Scala recently incorporated digital signs into its showrooms to advertise cars and other motor-related information such as vehicle insurance.

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