Digital Billboards Selected In Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh has recently seen a number of new LED electronic billboards erected around its streets.

Digital Signage Connection reported on the decision of Al Arabia Advertising to buy and install a number of large LED billboards around the city, noting that the ease with which the displays can be altered to suit different advertising campaigns was one of their selling points.

CEO at Al Arabia Advertising Mohamd al Kheraji told the news provider that the displays they’ve chosen are known for their high-reliability performance, as well as being designed to withstand the challenging Saudi weather conditions and harsh environment.

In total, over 3,200 sq m of digital signs have been delivered to the city so far, with some of the screens as large as 6.72m high and 5.76m wide. The smallest LED displays that have been set up are 2.88m high by 3.84m wide.

The billboards are also equipped with sensors that allow them to detect the light levels depending on the time of day and adjust the brightness of the LED display accordingly.

There are new innovations in display marketing technology all the time at the moment, and there are a growing number of opportunities for businesses to really stand out by adopting some of the more forward-thinking tech that’s available.

For example, the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and Neonelecto recently revealed that they have developed a new kind of lightweight and flexible LED display. The idea is that this screen can be moulded into a 3D shape.

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