Designer LED display adorns flagship fashion emporium

Designer LED display adorns flagship fashion emporiumNew York's 5th Avenue has just played host to the opening of a brand new Giorgio Armani fashion store and a large Martin LED display has been integrated into the top three floors of the four storey designer outlet.

Speirs and Major Associates were behind the design of the store itself and the architects have really taken advantage of the prime retail location occupied by the building with the inclusion of the bespoke LED display.

The whole of the building is designed to look like a large glass box and the LED display which covers much of the exterior is intended to draw attention and to extend the design aesthetic beyond the walls of the store itself and out into the wider world.

The LED display is visible from both inside and outside and currently features animations enjoyed by those tucking into food in the internal restaurant as well as by consumers wandering the streets in the run up to the festive season.

A spokesperson for the architectural firm explained that the LED display was a low resolution item chosen in order to give a feeling of transparency whilst also allowing for vibrant displays. During the daylight hours the LED display will not impair the view into or out of the store, but at night it can be brought to life.

Martin Professional was chosen to manufacture the LED display which is very much a focal point of Emporio Armani in New York. Its ability to mount their LED technology discretely and to create custom displays for a variety of requirements made them first choice for the job in this US location. Because of the largely glass exterior, measurements during installation had to be carried out precisely. Similar displays are expected to appear in British retail locations as the technology continues to evolve.

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