Delivering the Screens to Impress the Customers

The way the retail environment is reaching out to its customers is rapidly changing. Walk down any high street today and you’ll undoubtedly notice the explosion of large, full colour LED screens being used to promote an array of products, replacing traditional printed posters, and one of the UK’s leading LED solution suppliers helping drive and deliver this change in retail marketing is Andover based LED Synergy.


“A bright, moving image in a shop window will instantly capture the attention of passing shoppers, so the latest developments in LED technology are now being harnessed to help attract customers,” stated Jeremy Harwood of LED Synergy. “These large displays will enable retailers to be far more creative in their approach as they are more than just a bright, hoarding and bring a whole new dimension to the retail experience. Retailers also understand the need for quality, reliability and the effect effective solutions can have on the brand which is why it’s about delivering the complete solution and not just taking a piece of kit straight out of a box and hoping it will have the desired impact.”


Topshop is one such retailer that has recently installed advertising panels designed and supplied by LED Synergy to its store in the Trafford Centre in Manchester. Two vertical screens either side of the entrance look fantastic enticing the customers into the store. More and more retail stores are appreciating the impact that such a display can create as well as the ability to go live with offers and promotions…  Combining the new technology with more traditional mannequin displays, they are now using specially designed graphics to increase their impact on customers.


Several other retailers are already going to the next level and creating material specifically designed for LED displays. Next have recently had a 3mm pitch LED screen installed within its store in Manchester running advertising, adverts and promotional videos as has JD Sports also in Manchester.


And it’s not just about the high street

This revolution is not exclusive to the high street as displaying material in an impactful and effective way is equally important for other retailers. The Hennessey Bar in Birmingham has recently had a large LED screen installed in their newly refurbished garden area. Playing all the Euros games, Premier League, Championship and GAA fixtures, tennis, cricket and more for the total enjoyment of their customers. We are confident that their ‘super screen’ is the biggest and best in any pub in the West Midlands.


A growing number of sports venues are also installing large LED based solutions to improve the overall sporting experience and to better reach this ‘captive’ audience. By combining a number of these large displays a huge screen can be created and used to display sporting statistics, run conventional TV style adverts plus replay video footage.  LED displays are also being used around the pitch edges as dynamic advertising display boards and these can significantly help increase club revenues as messages from sponsors can be easily interchanged in real time.


In addition to cost effective LED signage and software development for the retail sector, the talented team at LED Synergy has a wealth of experience in developing and delivering some of the most challenging installations completed to date, anywhere in the world. 



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