Curved LED Screens Installed In Dallas Airport

There’s no doubt that LED displays have come along in leaps and bounds in recent years, with more and more innovative options available for advertising and promotional purposes.

One such example of an innovative use of LED screens has come from Dallas Airport in Texas, where the duty-free store has installed three curved NanoLumens LED displays in its shopping area, AV Interactive reported.

The new screens are part of a “high-tech redesign of the previous store”, the news provider explained, noting that the curved screens are designed to help advertisers get the attention of travellers.

One of the most striking sections of the new duty-free store is the “promo pod”, where an 18ft by 10.5ft 4mm pixel LED display has been installed to create a 180-degree video experience around a central pillar, which is used to showcase the physical products. 

Project manager at Ford AV, the company that installed the screens, Sean Kupiec told the publication that his firm is seeing increased demand for these large, curved LED screens because retailers have realised that these kinds of installations can bring in more customers.

He described the promo pod as “an incredible advertising opportunity for brands, a sales driver for the store and a fun, unique shopping experience for customers”. 

Last month, Transparency Market Research predicted that demand for video walls is going to grow in the coming years, with businesses in Europe driving the market at present, although firms in Asia and North America are expected to tap into this technology more and more in the coming years as well.

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