Curved LED displays grace US airport

Curved LED displays grace US airportWhen talking about the benefits of LED displays, it is common for the focus to fall on the efficiency and low maintenance requirements of this type of technology.

However, it is also important to remember that LED displays are also far more dynamic and flexible than traditional alternatives, which is something that becomes apparent when considering the recent unveiling of four new screens at Denver International Airport in the US.

The screens themselves use high end LED display hardware to deliver impressive clarity and legibility, but what makes them particularly interesting is the fact that they are actually curved around large pillars supporting the roof of one of the airport's terminals.

Each of the LED displays stands at 26 feet tall and because they wrap around cylindrical structures, they also have a surface area which is bigger than any other digital screen found at airports in America.

Fifty million people will pass by the LED displays each year, which should help to generate $95 million in ad revenue, over the decade-long agreement made with the operators of the new system.

LED displays in airports are particularly effective platforms for advertising, largely because they have a more captive audience, that will be lingering nearby while they await flights.

The four large scale, curved LED displays are not the only new system being added to Denver International Airport, as part of a major refurbishment. In addition, there will be almost 120 screens for information and advertising erected throughout the terminals, with work expected to be completed within two months.

Because the displays can showcase dynamic, full motion ad content, it is possible to sell the space at a premium and secure multiple marketing deals simultaneously, which is much better for everyone involved than using static hoardings.

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