Council makes saving with LED lights

Council makes saving with LED lightsLincolnshire residents may soon find their streets are lit up with LED bulbs.

The county council recently debated plans which could see the introduction LED lighting in order to save money, the Lincolnshire Echo reports.

At present, a pilot scheme is running in both Tattershall and Mablethorpe which is trailing different kinds of bulbs as street lights.

Paul Coatup, the council's assistant director of highways and traffic, explained that LED street lamps could save the region £250,000 in energy bills.

In addition to reduced energy costs, the LED lights need to be replaced less which frees up council employees to work on other projects.

Further savings could be made if plans to incorporate LED bulbs into traffic lights were implemented.

"More efficient bulbs in street lights reduce the frequency of replacement while LED lights in traffic signals are less energy demanding and longer lasting," Mr Coatup told the paper.

According to the Herald Express, Torquay, in Devon, recently ordered a batch of new LED lights to decorate its seafront.

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