Could Apple Change How LED Screens Are Used?

No matter where you are, there is a high chance that you will be looking at some form of LED screens. You probably won’t think about it unless someone brings it up - like now - but your mobile phone, tablet, PC or TV could be powered on LED technology.

According to P&S Market Research, the LED market could surpass $70 million worldwide by 2023. It’s believed that the use of “energy-efficient lighting solutions” is significantly responsible for driving its value up. In any case, the piece of tech could be ready to play an even bigger role in the mobile phone industry.

Apple is a pioneer for the tech industry and it could be looking to shake up one of its most successful products, the iPhone, with the use of a new LED chip. Digitimes reports that Nichia Corporation will be the “exclusive supplier” of 0.3t LED chips for a new iPhone model.

Apple’s 6.1-inch handheld device, which is expected to launch later this year, will use the chip to power the LTPS-LCD panel’s backlighting.

Digitimes’ industry sources commented: “While LTPS-LCD smartphone screens with backlights using 0.4t LED chips have bottom bezels of 4.0-4.5mm, use of 0.3t LED chips can reduce them to 2.0-2.5mm, enhancing LCD screens' competitiveness against OLED all (bezel-free) screens panels.”

If you’re an iPhone user, you could see a noticeable change if Apple ultimately chooses to use the 0.3t. For Apple’s rivals, however, they’ll see it as one of the leading tech manufactures making a big step with LEDs. With the growing market for LEDs, you will no doubt see an investment being made in handheld devices to improve the performance of screen displays.

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