Computer game integrates LED lights

Computer game integrates LED lightsChildren in the US may soon be visiting playgrounds installed with games featuring LED lights.

Kompan recently unveiled a new range of games combining the innovative lights with physical exercise.

Competitors are pitted against each other as they race to press LED-lit nodes, with the person tapping the most declared the winner, the News Tribune reports.

Tom Grover, president of the company, revealed that the game was designed to help children become more physically active and enjoy going outside to play.

The games challenge competitors physically, while instructions on how to play have been purposefully left out to keep children mentally stimulated.

Mr Grover told the paper: "Kids these days have this instinctual understanding of gaming architecture.

"Done in the right way, we're speaking their language, engaging them and keeping them coming back to the playground."

The company currently offers four different products under its Icon range that feature LED lights.

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