Company working on LED display cubes

Company working on LED display cubesA Chinese company called Seekway is working on developing 3D LED display cubes for the public. To create these true 3D images, a grid of LEDS are suspended in a large glass cube. The idea originally came from an organization called James Clar & Associates, which works with technology and art to come up with forward-looking furniture and spectacles.

The video below was taken from a prototype of the 3D display cube. The prototype contains 4096 LED diodes, arranged in a 16x16x16 grid. Every single diode can emit a wide range of colors and intensities, while the entire cube is capable of displaying a 30 frames-per-second animation. Now that this prototype has been shown to be kind of cool, the next cube the company is going to work on one that will be much larger: it will have 110,592 lights, arranged in a 48x48x48 grid.

With a cube containing this many diodes, it would be possible to display a fairly good quality of video or animation. Furthermore, multiple cubes can be combined to create even larger displays.

It is expected that the cube will have a integrated memory card that can be used to store minutes of animations that can be made in Windows. The cubes will also probably come pre-loaded with some nifty 3D effects.

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