Community fundraiser features LED lights

Community fundraiser features LED lightsA recent Wiltshire fundraising event saw the inclusion of LED lights in its theatrical show.

Villagers from Woodgreen organised the evening to raise money for the local community, the Salisbury Journal reports.

Residents took to the stage and provided a variety of entertainment that raised £2,000 for the town's shop.

The show featured a performer singing songs by Johnny Cash, while young musicians played the piano and flute.

Performances lit up the stage when LED lights were incorporated into traditional New Zealand Maori displays of Poi dancing.

The LED lights were fastened into chains and swung around the dancer in a coordinated manner.

Fire is traditionally used in the dance but the innovative lights were used as a safer alternative.

Helena Datta, from the town's community shop association, told the paper: "It was an outstanding turn out, giving people a chance to make new friends whilst supporting their local community shop."

According to the News Tribune, Kompan recently unveiled a new game which features LED lights incorporated into a steel playground.

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