Clip-together LED sign for restaurant industry makes its debut

Clip-together LED sign for restaurant industry makes its debutLED display manufacturer Optiva has recently revealed its latest innovation, which is a form of signage solution designed for restaurants and other types of eateries that offers greater flexibility and individuality than most traditional alternatives.

Many restaurants feature illuminated signage in their windows in order to attract customers, but these are all too often static and cannot be easily altered. In particular, neon signs have become popular over the years, although once created there is no way in which to alter their style other than buying a replacement.

The SpellBrite system of LED signage which was showcased at the National Restaurant Show in the USA last month takes a different approach, albeit one which emulates the benefits of traditional signage while removing most of the downsides.

SpellBrite technology is modifiable thanks to clip-together LED units, giving restaurant managers the ability to create bespoke signs for placement in appropriate positions. They can be altered based upon time-sensitive offers and other promotional campaigns.

The LED signs are bright and highly legible, creating an impact to match other signage solutions whilst offering the added benefit of being completely configurable.

Everything from lunch menus to business contact information can be created using these LED signs. The manufacturer believes that there are several other benefits on offer, including improved brand consistency and the ability to broadcast a message throughout the day which can improve the visibility of a particular offer.

Spokesperson Steve Callahan said that both neon and printed signage solutions are superseded by the capabilities of the SpellBrite LED system. It is also cheaper to run, easier to maintain and less of a safety hazard than other directly lit signage options.

LED technology is gradually helping the food and beverage industry to move away from neon signs and this latest innovation is a testament to the flexibility of this technology.

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