Clever use of LED displays enlivens vodka bottles

Clever use of LED displays enlivens vodka bottlesA new range of vodka bottles launched by Medea Spirits have harnessed LED displays to make giving the gift of alcohol a more personal, interactive and fun proposition.

The bottles are the first of their kind as they not only contain premium quality vodka, but they also have an integrated, scrolling LED display, like a secondary label that can be programmed with whatever the buyer or recipient desires.

Medea has a number of potential uses up its sleeves for the LED bottles. It has suggested that in a restaurant setting, one person could make a proposal of marriage to another by having the waiter bring over a programmed bottle that pops the question before the cork is popped to celebrate!

The LED displays will be available in blue, pink or plain white, so consumers will be able to choose one that is appropriate for their particular occasion.

Medea says that these LED displays are actually more capable than you might expect, with technology that allows for longer messages with 255 characters to be stored in the memory.

Once the LED display is activated, it will continue to operate for three minutes before automatic shutoff is initiated and if the LED display is left active, it will run for 40 straight hours, giving it an average shelf life of a year.

Medea is not the cheapest brand of vodka on the market, retailing for several times more than mainstream brands, but for this kind of advanced functionality and inventive customisation, there will be many willing to pay for the novelty.

A simple array of buttons will allow users to program in numbers and letters in any order they choose and Medea has produced an instructional video to explain how the technology works, complete with a quote from an Elizabeth Barrett Browning sonnet.

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