Cinema receives additional LED signage

Cinema receives additional LED signageA cinema in Dorchester has got a second large scale LED display, becoming the first outlet of the Odeon chain in the UK to sport this type of signage.

The new LED screen has a surface area of 14 square metres, or around 150 square feet.

It is mounted above the cinema's main entrance and is a perfect match for a business that relies on selling visual entertainment experiences to the general public.

This same cinema received its first large scale LED display last year and this secondary screen is actually significantly larger than the later addition, with a 60 square metre surface area.

The cinema is in a prime position within an area of Dorchester that has been undergoing extensive redevelopment.

Managers wanted to ensure that potential customers would be engaged with marketing content and information, so, as well as being able to promote film trailers, the LED displays will be harnessed to alert fans to screening times.

Odeon is able to manage the LED display internally, thanks to intelligent content software, allowing it to initiate on-the-fly updates as and when they are required.

The new screen has a high definition resolution and so viewers can get the full impact of the various HD trailers and clips that it will feature.

The impressive pixel count has additional benefits, such as making the display more legible than older technologies, even if visibility is poor due to adverse weather conditions.

Each of the LED displays that adorn the Dorchester Odeon are unique and have been constructed specifically for this particular venue.

Using durable LED components means that maintenance requirements will be kept to a minimum and the energy-efficient nature of this technology will allow the cinema to attract customers, without spending large amounts on electricity bills.

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