Church installs digital signs

Church installs digital signsChurch-goers in the US can now see services broadcast on LED-based screens.

Woodcreek Church, Texas, recently teamed up with Helius to install LED-based screens on the premises.

Now the 1,500-strong congregation can watch religious services from many locations within the church complex.

In addition, the LED screens will display updates on church activities to keep members updated.

The boards will also feature pre-recorded video messages and broadcasts.

Scott Winn, pastor at the church, explained that the LED screens are likely to boost communication between worshippers and the clergy.

"We now are able to reach individuals with our worship services who would not have been able to participate otherwise," he said.

"Members appreciate the event schedules and other advertisements that now are available in the atrium of our building."

All the LED boards are linked to a central computer which allows church officials to easily update information displayed on the screens.

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