Charity Using LED Billboards To Save Elephants


A conservation charity is planning to use giant LED electronic billboards across the world to shine the spotlight on the horrific criminal ivory trade. Conservation charity Space for Giants are running a campaign called ‘March for Giants’, using huge billboards a video of a parade of elephants will be shown featuring a variety of high profile brands projected onto the elephants bodies.

The first screen will take place in Hong Kong on the 23rd March, and will then travel around the globe to Times Square New York, Westfield London, Birmingham and finishing in Manchester 26th March. Anna Friel ambassador for Space for Giants said: “The rate of slaughter of elephants is horrific. I don’t want a future without elephants, and I’ll do everything I can to stop that from happening”, reported The Evening Standard.

The charity has done amazing work already with campaigning resulting in an incredible 84% decrease in the last 3 years within North Kenya. Each brands contribution to the cause will be used by space for giants to protect a single elephant in the wild for life.

If you fancy doing your bit for the cause there’s the chance to create your own elephant design by donating £5, and you’ll receive a video of your personalised marching elephant to share on all your social media channels. You can make your donation at

Set to be a huge success could the future of all global marketing campaigns involve large scale LED billboard screenings to engage a wider audience? We think so!

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