Charity Skyfall screening supported by flexible LED displays

Charity Skyfall screening supported by flexible LED displaysJames Bond's latest outing has been one of his most successful, raking in over $500 million at the box office, before the cinematic run has even really got into its stride. Few would be surprised if it breaches the magic $1 billion mark, even if exchange rates do not work in its favour, if you are keeping count in pounds sterling.

Prior to its launch in the US, an advance screening of Skyfall was held in aid of charity and some very unique LED displays were used to greet guests who arrived to walk down the suitably classy black carpet.

The screens were erected for all to see and featured impressive 112 inch diagonal measurements, to provide images and video relating to the movie itself. This included promotional material for products that have been created to piggyback on the success of the James Bond brand.

Each of the displays was also flexible, which meant that they could be arranged with a slightly convex surface, wrapping around an elliptical pillar in a suitably high tech manner befitting of a British superspy.

The event was raising money for a charity that helps to tackle HIV and AIDS in Africa and around $150,000 ((94,000) was generated, which makes it a real success.

This is, of course, a fraction of the film's takings to date, but it is always easier to get people to donate if you are able to offer them something valuable in return and early access to Skyfall was about as hot a commodity as was available this year.

The LED displays not only looked great but were also composed of 50 per cent recycled materials and, in turn, can be easily recycled themselves, which puts a green spin on things.

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