Casio creates commercial projectors with LED technology

Casio creates commercial projectors with LED technologyEarlier this year it was reported that Casio was working on new projection technology to replace traditional lamps with LED systems combined with lasers in a hybrid design. Now the manufacturer has announced its first family of projectors which use this intelligent, efficient evolution.

A total of 12 projectors will be joining the range of LED and laser hybrid light source models, with superior brightness of up to 3500 lumens made possible at lower levels of energy consumption.

Casio's Frank Romeo said that the projectors would allow for advanced interactive experiences which will be well suited to use in the worlds of business and education, as well as for commercial signage and even the home theatre sector.

The new LED powered projectors will become available at some point in the second quarter and will feature various high end capabilities, from 3D playback to smartboard functionality for presentations and more.

A wide variety of inputs and outputs on the projectors will make sure that they are as versatile as the current contenders on the market, while providing significantly improved energy efficiency compared to previous generations.

One of the eco-friendly features is the Intelligent Brightness Control, which can detect ambient lighting in the room and then adjust the power of the LED light source to suit it. This means the resultant projection will be highly visible, whatever the conditions in which it is used.

It is interesting to see how LED systems are being applied across a wide range of display solutions, with various firms innovating and enjoying the green credentials of the technology to help promote new products.

Casio's Matt Mustachio said that the firm was hoping to see its reputation and importance in this area of the market grow as a result of the new projectors.

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