Car communicates via LED lights

Car communicates via LED lightsAn innovative car which uses LED lights to communicate with other drivers has been unveiled.

Created by Engineering and Design AG (EDAG), the car will be showcased at the Geneva Motor Show, held in March.

Called Light Car – Open Source, the electric-powered vehicle is designed to be as safe and environmentally-friendly as possible.

The external frame of the car is formed from recycled material and innovative LED lights have been incorporated into its dashboard.

Johannes Barckmann, head of the EDAG Design Studio, explained that LED lights have also been installed in the rear panel of the vehicle.

He said: "The entire surface of the vehicle functions like the display of a multimedia installation, and can be used intelligently and individually."

The bulbs indicate to other motorists how hard the driver of the Light Car is pressing the brake.

In addition, the LED lights also display distances between the car and other vehicles.

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