Businesses lobby on LED signs

Businesses lobby on LED signsBusinesses in Tennessee, in the US, are lobbying local government to throw out plans that could bring an end to LED signs in the region.

The Murfreesboro Planning Commission is trying to bring an end to the use of LED signs in the area, but local business leaders are warning that the LED displays are a crucial marketing tool.

"I think weÂ’re hurting our small business family," Bobby Joslin, the owner of Joslin and Son Signs in Nashville, told the Tennessean.

He also pointed out that LED signs today tend to be more energy efficient than other types of display, making them ideal for cutting emissions and lowering carbon footprints of businesses.

Small businesses can also use LED signs to display their wares to passing trade, Mr Joslin explained, as traders could use the signs to change their adverts. That in turn can help to cut cost and time for businesses, while also improving their trade.

Last week, British scientists announced the development of a new LED that could be used to light homes and businesses for as long as 60 years, demonstrating their massive potential to provide energy savings.

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