Birmingham gets class leading LED display

Birmingham gets class leading LED displayA large LED display which has been erected at Cuckoo Wharf in Birmingham, has been making waves in the industry thanks to the innovative manner of its construction and the impressive visual capabilities which it offers.

The screen was installed by a firm working on behalf of Scala and it integrates 96 separate LED sheets to create one cohesive whole, which measures 12 meters across and three meters down, giving it a huge widescreen aspect ratio.

The LED display is being heralded as one of the largest on the continent and it is capable of showcasing adverts in full colour in order to promote some of the most popular brands around.

A structure made from steel is used to support the weight of the LED display and it was constructed towards the end of 2010, with teams working through one of the worst winters ever experienced in order to create the final setup.

The LED display has been gracing Cuckoo Wharf for almost four months now, running campaigns for everyone from Mercedes to Orange Mobile. It has been well received thanks to the high visibility of its content which can be seen at any time of the day and night, regardless of the weather conditions in the immediate vicinity.

Spokesperson, Sean Morrough, said that the Scala LED technology was chosen after much debate over which partner should be used for this project. He said that the reliability of the platform and the reputation of the organisation behind it were key in the decision making process.

The LED display will continue to shine out over Birmingham for the foreseeable future, promoting movies and running ad campaigns that will hopefully make an impact for the marketing firms and entertain the consumers who pass it on their daily commute.

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