Biggest LED display on the planet available for private use

Biggest LED display on the planet available for private useA massive LED display which currently adorns Seoul Square in South Korea is no longer purely exhibited as a work of art, but could, potentially, be harnessed by any individual or organisation for advertising or indeed for a bit of fun.

The LED display is officially the largest in the world, stretching over 19 floors on one side of a tower block and encompassing more than 42,000 individual LEDs into its makeup.

The total square feet covered by the LED display exceed 83,000 and since it was first used two years ago it has been reserved for the sole purpose of exhibiting art across its vast expanse.

Known as the Digital Canvas, the LED display is a real feature of Seoul Square and now that its contract as an art-focused screen has expired, it is thought to be in the sights of many firms who want to take advantage of its significant size.

The popularity of strategy game franchise Star Craft in South Korea is likely to see live tournaments streaming onto the display and with various companies in talks to rent the screen, there could be a diverse number of events getting big exposure.

At the moment the LED display is only active during hours of darkness to make sure that it has the full impact. It has already been used by pop stars to hold concerts so its stint as the home of art is definitely over, being replaced with more populist content.

So far the organisers behind the LED display have not published details of how much it will cost to put an advert on the screen, but, given its size, position and prestige, it is unlikely to be a budget option, so prepare to see large brands vying for position.

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