Basingstoke Rugby Club – Keeping up with Technology

Back in 2013, LEDsynergy installed an LED scoreboard at Basingstoke Rugby Club, it was a text scoreboard showing scores and time, at 112 x 32 pixels it was fairly simple but for the time it was quite progressive for a small rugby club to have an LED digital scoreboard.

Well move on nine years and we have just installed a shiny new full colour video scoreboard. A similar size, but with a resolution of 576 x 144 pixels it is much better and gives a clearer image. As well as being full colour it will not only show the scores and time but with our own LEDsynergy software it can show Club information, before during and after the match as well as sponsor adverts, which can be static, animated or video. Giving the Club a much needed revenue stream from the scoreboard.

Our in-house LEDsynergy Scoreboard Software has been developed here in the UK by our team of software engineers. It is extremely user friendly and generally operate from a laptop controller either wired or wireless. In some instances, a mobile device can be used, depending on wi-fi.

Our software has the capability for larger video scoreboards to show not only the scores, Club information and sponsor advert but also ‘live video feed’ or ‘slo-mo’ replays. For more information on our software, just give us a call or Click here.

Once you have bought your scoreboard and LEDsynergy software, then the software is YOURS! Unlike many other Scoreboard companies we do NOT charge and ongoing fee or subscription, once you’ve paid it’s completely yours, saving you money.

Our outdoor full colour scoreboards come in various sizes from a fairly small 3 metre x 1 metre up to as large as you’d like. A popular size is around 5 metres by 3 metres.  For more information on our outdoor full colour scoreboards – Click here.

I would recommend LED Synergy to anyone considering purchasing an LED sign. We have had so many compliments since it was installed and it has been a valuable asset.

Tom Hughes

OSI Food Solutions