Apple Patents Bendable LED Display


Information has emerged about Apple’s innovative design for a flexible LED display that will allow for folding devices in the future.

Following reports that Samsung is planning to create folding future electronic devices, information was leaked about Apple’s own intentions to develop flexible LED displays. In fact, the firm filed a patent for the technology last year under the inconspicuous title Electronic Devices with Displays.

The patent reveals plans for a device with a flexible display and no visible hinges. The model would probably use an OLED display or a micro LED screen. Over time, the technology could be used in a variety of devices, from smartphones to tablets and watches.

Among the details included in the patent are images that show how the technology would allow the screen to bend on an axis without breaking the display or affecting how the model functions. The display would be reinforced with flexible regions to ensure optimum performance is maintained and no stress lines emerge along the folds.

For months, reports were circulating that tech giant Samsung is also working on a foldable device and the firm showcased a prototype device with a flexible display at CES 2017. In fact, back in 2011 the tech giant unveiled something similar - a device that could fold down the middle and remain intact with just a small drop in brightness at its centre.

Experts think it will take at least a few years to develop the technology necessary to bring Apple’s latest vision to life, however.

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