Apple iWatch project rumours resurface

Apple iWatch project rumours resurfaceA flurry of speculation surrounding the apparent development of a watch-style gadget by iPhone manufacturer Apple has emerged this week, with many industry sources stating that this is indeed a device that the company is creating.

Bloomberg reports that up to 100 people within Apple are apparently involved in the iWatch project, with the device featuring a touchscreen LED display like that found on the iPhone or iPad, albeit in a much smaller guise.

Although no official details have emerged, it is relatively simple to extrapolate the motivation behind the iWatch, since Apple has seen its market share threatened by major rival Samsung in recent months and it is in need of yet another revolutionary device to push forwards.

It is rumoured that the iWatch will effectively act as a secondary device that supports the iPhone and iPad, with its wrist-mounted LED display allowing users to quickly view incoming texts and social networking interactions without actually having to get their phone out of their pockets.

Hopefully, the iWatch will also have standalone functionality, allowing it to operate independently of other major Apple gadgets and at the very least tell the time in an interesting way.

There have been a variety of suggestions as to what design the iWatch may take, with some arguing that it could use a transparent LED display to help it stand out from the crowd.

This technology is certainly available, although it is companies like Samsung that have actually been developing advanced LED displays, which means Apple would have to license such hardware if it did take this route with the iWatch.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has had a relatively successful tenure since Steve Jobs died, but he is still in need of that killer product that will convince industry insiders that his company is not flagging behind competitors.

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