Apple harnesses LED display to make iPad 5 thinner

Apple harnesses LED display to make iPad 5 thinnerEver since the first iPad made its debut in 2010, Apple's premier tablet range has taken advantage of LED backlit displays to provide a bright, engaging window onto its tablet experience.

However, some were disappointed when the third generation iPad was a little thicker and heavier than the iPad 2. This weight increase was partly due to the fact that Apple had to use more LED units to illuminate the display of this device, because it had increased the resolution by a significant degree.

The fourth generation iPad, released only a few months later, amended this issue to a certain extent, but now for the iPad 5, it is reported that Apple will be going even thinner.

To achieve an improved profile for the iPad 5, Apple will apparently be using an advanced LED display technology that has not been seen before, according to NPD Display Search analyst, Paul Semenza.

A combination of LED technology that is more efficient and the use of a touch sensitive layer based on a film substrate, will allow for a thinner fifth generation iPad.

When it comes to the launch date of Apple's next tablet, there is still a lack of consensus, although recent reports point to a third quarter arrival.

This would fit in with Apple's usual annual launch cycle, which it notably broke in 2012, when the iPad 4 and iPad Mini made their debut in the autumn.

For users, the ability to buy a thinner, lighter tablet from Apple will be welcome, because these are still big, relatively heavy devices, that can become a burden during extended periods of use.

Hopefully, the new LED display technology will also improve the viewing experience and not just help to shave a few millimetres off the iPad's waistline.

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