Airports All Over The World Embrace LEDs

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One airport in India is aiming to use LED displays to facilitate its move towards becoming a ‘silent airport’.

The Airport Authority of India on Tuesday installed 66 new LED screens at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport showing the flight information, in an effort to reduce the need to noisy announcements.

These screens will appear on two ‘video walls’ of 42 LED displays measuring 3x2m across. The new design means that more information can be displayed and flight information will be shown in English, Gujarati and Hindi.

Kushang Jani, a frequently flier told the Ahmedabad Mirror , “Silent airports are peaceful. The constant announcements and noises are disturbing, especially for people who are embarking on or arriving from a long journey. It is good if Ahmedabad airport will go silent.”

The next step in the quest for a silent airport will be the introduction of many more signs, so announcements are not needed for basic information.

We have already reported on the role of screens in airports, such as the recent installation of screens in Singapore airport. These displays will show entertainment to passengers so they have something to watch while they are waiting for the flight.

The screens were also introduced in order to provide information to customers in the security line, about the security screening process as well as information about Singapore itself.

Detroit airport also introduced a new range of LED displays in its retail court in October this years. These screens show product information; live departures and arrivals information; weather reports; and highly visual, curated news and sports summaries. 

The 3mm Nixel Series fine-pitch LED is used to create a halo display that sits above the shops in the court. They display information on information; live departures and arrivals information; weather reports; and highly visual, curated news and sports summaries.

Charlotte Airport has also just introduced an LED display it is dubbing ‘one of the largest “data sculptures in the world. It is by Turkish digital artist Refik Anadol and will display flight information.

“This is like a big display that you might see in Times Square,” said Haley Gentry, assistant aviation director of business and revenue.

It is considered a form of public art as it will be visible to cars approaching the terminal through the windows as well as to passengers, as it will run alongside the walkway that connects a new concourse to the main terminal.

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