Advertiser looking to expand LED signage beyond London market

Advertiser looking to expand LED signage beyond London marketFrench advertising firm JCDecaux, is looking at expanding its digital signage network, which includes LED systems at tube stations and shopping centres in London, so that the rest of the UK is covered by this versatile marketing medium.

The company is still going to retain its focus on creating engaging platforms for advertising in rail transport hubs and large outlet centres, but it hopes that by the third quarter of 2011, it will be able to offer clients a reach that is national and not just specific to the capital.

JCDecaux's Steve Arnold will be heading up the expansion project, which will see LED signage and digital displays erected in train stations and more shopping malls than ever before, all of which will be linked into a national network.

Company spokesperson Jeremy Male, unveiled these plans during a conference in London this month and pointed out that LED systems and digital signage have played a key role in many events around the world in 2010, from the South Africa World Cup to the annual tennis tournament at Wimbledon.

Mr Male explained that an eighth of average ad budgets are now spent on outdoor signage, with that amount likely to increase to a fifth by the time the 2012 Olympics roll around.

Next year the revenue from digital advertising is expected to hit �115 million for JCDecaux and Mr Male said that, statistically, this network expansion will increase its reach to cover more of the UK population than broadsheet and tabloid daily papers combined.

In 2010, London accounted for 80 per cent of the ad revenue generated by outdoor LED displays and digital signage. Mr Male believes that to keep up with the times, it is necessary to look outside of the capital and take advantage of a wider hunger for outdoor advertising, with the flexibility of digital technology.

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