Accident-prone road gets LED sign

Accident-prone road gets LED signLED signs are being used to crack down on speeding motorists in a US town.

Town officials in West Hartford, Connecticut, have installed LED signs in a bid to make the roads safer.

The area recently constructed traffic islands to slow drivers down but they have not had the desired effect, the Connecticut News reports.

However, the LED signs are expected to reduce the number of speed-related accidents in the town as they alert drivers when they are breaking the speed limit.

In addition, a camera attached to the displays photographs cars driving too fast so police can contact drivers and issue penalties.

The signs are cheaper than building traffic islands and are mobile, meaning they can be moved to various speeding trouble spots.

David Krause, town engineer, said: "This is another attempt to try to change driver behaviour, which is a lot less expensive and hopefully will be more effective."

According to the Witney Gazette, LED signs have been erected in Oxfordshire to alert drivers to any traffic problems occurring in the area.

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