A dual-pitch LED solution delivers impact for The O2 arena

Now a major concert and entertainment venue, The O2 arena is currently undergoing an upgrade programme to ensure the facilities continue to meet public expectation and LEDsynergy was commissioned to contribute its expertise and deliver some of the new marketing and promotional signage.

A larger display screen for example has been positioned at one of the entrances to deliver important information to visitors. The sign is in fact two separate LED modules as this was the most cost effective way to deliver the various types of information with the required quality and definition. 

The main poster screen measures 1600 by 1440mm, is enclosed in a custom built weatherproof housing and was produced using an array of 160 by 144 individual LED modules set at a 10mm pitch apart.  This LED unit can be used as both an advertising board to promote future events and to provide important and variable directional road details on any given day to help move vehicles safely around the site. Both the security and the promotional teams have access to this system via a TCP/IP network link and can upload information as appropriate.

The second, smaller screen is located below the poster screen and its finer 6mm pitch is designed to display corporate logo’s or other information for which a higher LED screen resolution is required. This screen measures 684 by 432mm and again is independently accessed via the same network link by the promotional team.

“We could have delivered a single LED panel however it’s important to balance performance with price, so by going the two screens route we achieve the best of both worlds,” explained Jeremy Harwood of LEDsynergy. “To have used 6mm pitch across the whole sign would have been significantly more costly for TheO2  and unnecessary for much of the material they wanted to display. At 10mm pitch the logos, particularly up close, would look blocky and unprofessional. So in this instance the use of two separate screens is the perfect solution.”

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