3D Robotic LED Wall Showcased At Trade Event

If you’re wondering what the future of LED displays looks like, you should turn to the Etisalat stand at October’s GITEX Technology Week.

AV Interactive highlighted the impressive stand for the telecoms firm, which featured a 3D robotic LED wall. A number of smaller modules comprised the larger display, with each of these modules able to move independently.

The news provider noted that it was an impressive example of how 3D robotics can work seamlessly with AV technology, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

This 3D robotic LED display was certainly eye-catching and really brought the video content being screened to life.

Jet Liu, sales manager at Absen, who were behind the LED screens used in the display, revealed that the bespoke design had been in planning since the start of 2018, and involved testing how the company’s LED modules worked with robots from different manufacturers to find the perfect fit.

However, this isn’t the first time that robotics have been married with LED screens. In 2017, Coca Cola unveiled the world’s first robotic 3D LED billboard in Time Square in New York. This particular installation was comprised of 1,715 moving and 245 static LED cubes, Sixteen-Nine reported at the time.

The news provider also noted that while it may have been possible to create a similar 3D effect with the content alone, this particular billboard certainly stands out in an area where advertisers are vying for consumers’ attention.

These kinds of LED displays are only likely to get more impressive and ambitious as the technology that supports them improves.

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