2012 Olympic LED displays to break records

2012 Olympic LED displays to break recordsThe 2012 summer Olympics being held in London in just a few weeks are going to draw the attention of the world, with hundreds of thousands of people flocking to the capital in order to watch events and soak up the atmosphere.

Since almost all of the tickets have been sold there will be many more spectators who will want to watch the games with a crowd, while those who visit the stadia will need to see the action in as much detail as possible, regardless of where they happen to be sitting.

It is therefore unsurprising that Panasonic, the official supplier of audiovisual equipment for the games, is going to be making history with the sheer amount of technology that it is going to be distributing throughout the capital.

It is worth noting that the games will also be the first ever to feature 3D broadcasts, which is something that Panasonic is also having to take into account.

Large LED displays are going to be rolled out across all of the venues and the manufacturer reports that this will represent the single most concentrated distribution of its kind ever seen.

As well as LED displays and signage, Panasonic will be relying on other forms of audiovisual equipment in order to engage the crowds and bring the games to as many people as possible.

During the opening ceremony, for example, the Olympic Park will be arrayed with projectors which are the most compact and light of their kind.

Expect to see plenty of high definition visuals as well as the aforementioned 3D, because more people than ever before are now in a position to view the Olympics in a much higher resolution than was previously available during games in the years gone by.

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