Reception and Welcoming

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Reception and Welcoming Boards

Give people a big welcome...and impress them!

First impressions count.. so don't waste your chance to make the right impression when you visitors or customers arrive. With an Electronic Display Board your customers can be informed, welcomed and impressed before your receptionist even speaks to them!

Our electronic LED reception signs are ideal for reception areas. You can use any of our Single, Bi-Line or Multi line LED electronic display board signs. They look professional and stylish and brighten up a space. You can display welcome messages, information about events, safety information or rotate between different types of information.

We can customise any reception display by making a special casing to house your electronic display board. Depending on your preference it can either blend into or stand out from your reception interior. It can be ultra slick or very subtle, the choice is yours. The reception sign can be floor-standing, wall mounted, suspended from a ceiling or simply placed on a desk or table.

We will include your corporate identity in the design by using your colours, logo and other elements.

Floor-standing reception signs

Floor-standing LED displays are attractive and elegant. They are portable, so you can move them around when you need to. You can opt for a many lines of text as you wish, single colour or full colour LEDs.

Wall mounted LED reception sign

Give immediacy, style and impact to your messages with a strategically placed wall mounted electronic display. Punchy and informative, keeping those who may be waiting entertained and informed.

Hospitality - Be our guest

The LED reception signs are extremely popular in the hotel and leisure industry. Hotels use our displays to: 

  • Welcome guests.
  • Show exchange rates.
  • Display room availability.
  • Publicise promotions.

Pubs and restaurants also have a use for electronic display boards and displays, such as for price lists, video displays and general publicity.

LEDsynergy........When only the Best Will Do!

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