Full Colour Indoor Video Walls

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Full Colour Indoor Video Walls

LED Modules for Indoor Video Walls

The visual impact of an indoor full colour video wall is determined by a variety of different factors, including pixel pitch, display area, colour uniformity, grey levels, refresh rate, module and cabinet manufacture, and LED degradation. This can make choosing the right product and supplier a daunting task.

At LEDsynergy we will help you to make an informed decision to select the correct solution for your needs. Not just for today, but throughout the lifespan of the direct view LED display, we will be on hand with the advice and help you need. With our extensive experience in the LED industry, spanning more than 40 years, we have focused heavily on R&D, analysing image quality, pixel configuration, and contrast ratio as well as brightness levels, viewing angles, and a higher contrast.

LED pixel pitch for the high definition screens are 1.667mm, 1.84mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3.076mm and 4mm. The cabinets are 640 x 480mm giving you different options of configuration.

Using black SMD LEDs means that the quality is further enhanced whilst individual rubberised shaders over each LED means that the contrast levels are improved offering wide viewing angles both horizontally and vertically.

Colour purity and colour uniformity across the screen is of paramount importance, as is using SMD LEDs to construct the screens from the same batch, to further ensure colour uniformity.

The modules are constructed to a very high specification and the highest quality of EMC tested LEDs are used to ensure that each of our indoor wall displays is of the very highest standard. The modules also undergo an extremely rigorous testing regime to make sure that the equipment that we sell you is both reliable and efficient.

The indoor video screen modules are available with front service access. The modules have been fully bench tested, vibration tested, and dark room tested to ensure the high quality of the wall of screens. Our manufacturing criteria exceeds industry standards so that we can supply the very best quality wall of LEDS to you.


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