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Stand out from the crowd

One problem with exhibiting is getting your led information display to stand out from the others. Buying or renting an electronic LED screen or video wall for your exhibition stand will solve that problem.

LED moving signs look stunning and eye catching on any exhibition stand, and will show that your company is cutting-edge and up to the minute, even better would be using full colour video walls, giving you massive flexibilty for showing both stills, adverts and live video. This will give you the best possible exposure for your brand and attract new customers.

Here are some examples.

  • The red and yellow LED screens shown in one of the gallery photographs above have been used to form their own exhibit. Installed onto a wall in a diagonal fashion they are somewhat sculptural.
  • The video wall board shown above, installed for JD sports is the perfect medium for promotional and advertising communication. Their flexibility opens up vast potential for advertisers to be as creative as their imaginations will allow. The RGB full colour video walls can show advanced animation and video images to stunning effect.
  • The simple LED countup display shown above on the AA stand at an exhibition was to show current how many breakdowns had been attented to that year, it was linked to update as it happened.
  • An LED clock unit was used on the Marconi stand as shown in the gallery

You can install LED screens, moving signs and video walls in public places such as leisure complexes and shopping malls. By selling advertising or messaging space you can help fund the installation of the display.

Whether your requirement is for a small, simple single or bi-line LED information sign that can continually run current special offers or a large full colour video wall running large scale video adverts, each is invaluable as a promotional tool and in turn will generate valuable revenue.

Of course, the LED screens can be very versatile and can be used in all types of environments, you can see an example of this above where a large single line LED moving sign is installed onto the side of a lorry for a Vodafone mobile promotion. Like wise a large counter display was installed within the side of a large HGV lorry which travelled the country to heighten the awareness of the UK debt, This was contructed with large scale LED digits. 

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